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900MHz / 33cm Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood Commercial transceivers
Free programming for 900MHz Ham band for up to 15 channels!

(More channels available for additional charge. These are 200 channel capable)


--Tested TK-981 Programed
--OEM Kenwood Microphone
--Mounting Bracket
--Power Cord with Kenwood connector on one end and bare wire on the other
--Serial Number is > 6100000 so it WILL do 30 watts (fan needed )

Order here ( Less than 10 remaining ) - $110 Free Shipping

TK-981 Radio

Please click on images for more. Radios will be in similar condition to the photos.

Radio unit only ( SOLD OUT) - SOLD OUTFree Shipping

Please send all Programming and inquiries on bulk pricing to
Programming must be sent within 7 hours of payment or the default 927.5 simplex may be left.

Other items and services available in limited qty. Filter mod to use the radio as a repeater receiver, and radios with serial number >601000. Please contact for information

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