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Welcome to the WSKY datacenter root web directory

SkyHub AllStar Link System Status and control

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Bubble Chart (Graphical Current Connections)

Server linked systems:

Echolink Node W0SKY-L , # 985839

IRLP Node # 3764

AllStar Node # 41694 -- Link System Bridge Node
AllStar Node # 46079 -- MAIN HUB Node
AllStar Node # 48532 -- TEST NODE


449.450 Squaw Mountain Denver repeater @ 11.4K'
Linkable by command ("The blowtorch repeater")

442.125 New Mexico Tech Wide Area Repeater on West Peak
Linkable by permanent remote base

Brandmeister DMR 310847 Digital Radio linkable.
Talkgroup on timeslot 1 of the Rocky Mountain Radio League 449.750 Repeater

Reflector 10294 W0SKY

Other Systems by W0SKY

AllStar Link VHF / UHF Blue Mountain Remote Base

UHF node 40764 | VHF node 42622
Remote Base Construction video
Remote Base installation video
Remote Base web status and control

Blue Mountain 440MHz AllStar Repeater (W0GV)
AllStar Node # 42845 Web control

Colorado Amateur Satellite Net

Friendcom FC-301 Programming software UHF FC301D.exe and quickset